Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu - The great Seljuk episode 4 in English and Urdu subtitles full HD - osman online

Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu - The great Seljuk episode 4 in English subtitles full HD 

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 3 with English and Urdu subtitles
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 4 with English and Urdu subtitles

Description of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 4:

In the past scene, for example Scene 3 of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, Selcuklu Episode 4 Seljuk powers were assaulted when they carried Elcin to the capital. Melik Shah entered his better half's grave 


Selcuklu Episode 4 

Furthermore, revealed to Nizam al-Mulk that he needed to see his child. Nizam al-Mulk attempted to go against Sudan, however Melik Shah said the nation was not, at this point in harm's way and repeated his assertions. Selcuklu Episode 4 the visionary understood the peril ahead of time, so he left a few of his fighters. Melik Shah said that he is not, at this point youthful and trusts that his child will quiet his heart. 

Elkin and Seljuk 

Melik Shah's just longing was to see his child before his demise. The warriors of Sandzar and Seljuk entered the fight. The Selcuklu Episode 4 won a long fight. The powers of Elkin and Seljuk followed the intruders of Sanzhar to the royal residence. Nizam al-Mulk again cautioned Melik-Shah and exhorted him not to see the kid. Ruler and Nizam Mulke are in banter. 


Melik Shah trained Nizam to take his child subsequent to tackling the Turkmen issue. Sanzhar got one of the assailants and asked who provided the request. Simultaneously, Tupac and Yeltsin showed up at the castle. Selcuklu Episode 4 hasan understood that the snare they had set was superfluous and asked Tapala how to endure. Melik Shah discovered that his child was injured and quickly met with him. Geb mentioned to his dad what had occurred. Ruler Melik Shah resented this and welcomed Yeltsin to his side. 

Melik Shah told Elkin 

Nizam al-Mulk stressed over what Sanjay would do. Chayam said that Nizam attempted and offered his recommendations. Melik Shah and Seferezi talk about Alparslan. Melik Shah revealed to Elkin that he lamented what had occurred. Iltebar has shown up and Sanjar is prepared to proceed with the visit. 

Accused Sanjar 

Yiltbar disclosed to him that he was furious and accused Sanjar. The game disclosed to him that he went to the plain willingly and attempted to persuade his dad to lift his hand to persuade Ilteba and attempt to battle Sanjar, however Nizam halted him. Nizam blew up at what Iltebar had done and left him. 

Batini is in Kazakhstan 

Presently, in Episode 4, the Seljuks are in struggle with the external Fatima and Byzantine realms, however Batini is in Kazakhstan. Under the administration of Hasan Sabbah, the Seljuks were assimilated from the inside and spread all over. Along these lines, Malik Shah's greatest allies will have presidents like Nizamul Mulk and all age gatherings. Growing up without a dad, oversight turned into the childhood of the courageous ideal of Nizamul Mulk, and Malik Shah turned into a casualty. 

Shah's Daughter 

Taj ul Malik, an aristocrat from the Karakhanid line, needed to run the country with the Shah's girl. Notwithstanding, as per their desires, the child of Marco Shah, the little girl of Tapal Dezheva Segeriz and the oldest girl of Turkmenistan Elchin Salese will come to supplant the President of Maleko Shah. Mother. Figure out the equilibrium of time to get to the castle. 

Nizamul Mulk 

Nizamul Mulk couldn't avoid the sets of Sultan Meliksa and, notwithstanding the risks looked by the Sultan, actually controlled Sultan Meliksa in a mysterious spot. ) Reunited with his child Censor. Can Meliksha overlook Nizamul Mulk's admonition and open the last entryway between them to see the kid she will find in a year? 

Battinist Plan 

Realizing that the Battinists mediate in all fights the Great Seljuk nations, what move will the reviewers make against them? Will the inspector disclose the Battinist intend to eliminate the Seljuk? Will his dad's longing to see his heart open up to get back to Hutong? 

Elcin Comes To Melik 

At the point when Elcin comes to Melik and is irate with Teren, what technique will elcin take to save his sibling Kılıçarslan ? Despite the fact that Elcin's hello at the royal residence and Melik's vicinity stressed Turkkan, his activities were loaded with interest. When George discovers that the investigator is Kenny Obas, will George discover the inspector and retaliate for his sibling? Does he need to retaliate for his sibling? 

Quail Forces in Anatolia 

What is the new arrangement for tackling the issues that Melik will look as he gets ready to investigate the Quail Forces in Anatolia? We'll find every one of the solutions in Episode 5. So till than stand by and keep persistence. Allah Hafiz. 

In an Episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu 3, Seljuk fighters were assaulted when Elcin was taken to the capital. Melik Shah goes to his better half's grave and reveals to Nizam al-Mulk that he needs to see his child. 


Nizam al-Mulk is attempting to protest Sultan, yet Malik Shah says there could be not, at this point any dangers to the state and rehashes his solicitation. Sanjar comprehended the peril already and left behind a few of his fighters. Malik Shah says he's not, at this point youthful and needs to see his child mellow his heart. Malik Shah's just desire is to see his child before he kicks the bucket. Troopers Sanjar and Seljuk are beginning to battle. The Seldzuks won a long conflict. 

Troopers Elcin and Seljuk 

As troopers Elcin and Seljuk advancement towards the royal residence, Sanjar follows the assailants. Nizam al-Mulk by and by cautions Melik Shaha and prompts him not to see his child. Ruler and Nizam al-Mulk contend. After Malik Shah settle the Turkmen inquiry, he arranges Nizam to bring his child. Sanjar snatches one of the assailants and asks who provided him the request. 

Tapar and Elcin Arrive At the Palace 

In the interim, Tapar and Elcin show up at the castle. Hassan understands that the snare they set was futile and asks Tapar how he endure. Malik Shah discovers that his child has been harmed, and visits him right away. Tapar mentions to his dad what occurred. King Malik Shah is furious about this and calls elcina to himself. 

Elcin's fighters for the Attack 

In an Episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu 3, Sultan Melik Shah takes the blade. Elcin puts his head on the table where she will be executed, yet Malik Shah won't kill her. Obviously, Elcin is coming clean. Malik Shah concedes that Elcin is honest, yet faults Elcin's warriors for the assault. Malik Shah says there are proof and orders for all armed forces to get ready for the coming conflict in Anatolia. 

Elcin doesn't care for this choice 

Further elcin Hatun will currently stay in the royal residence and the Turkmen clan will be managed by a lead representative. Elcin doesn't care for this choice, yet there is no other option for them. After the gathering, Nizam al-Mulk cautions the ruler once more, saying that the rise of another beneficiary will cause new issues. Malik Shah hates him and orders his request to be satisfied. 

Seferiye Hatun visited Elcin 

Further seferiye Hatun visited Elcin and said again that she was blameless. Terken is truly awkward with Elcin remaining in the castle, and he thinks there is another justification this occurrence. Sanjar surrenders the body of the covert operative he caught to warriors from the castle and goes to converse with Nizam. Sanjar's mom becomes sick and drops. 

Nizam and Sanjar 

Nizam and Sanjar suggest the eventual fate of the state. Sanjar says he will penetrate the Fatimas and uncover everything. Nizam attempts to stop him, yet Sanjar doesn't rebel. Sanjar leaves the blades that Nizam gave him and goes out. The Fatimas chief says he will assume control over the economy, instruction, and culture to take over Seldzuk. Turna attempts to fix a debilitated kid, yet every one of the medications he takes won't work. Sanjar goes to the Kinik Plain and finds that his mom is sick. Sanjar feels that Turna can recuperate her mom and that she will search for her. 

Elcin Hatun 

In addition in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3, Nizam al-Mulk asks Sanjar how his mom is getting along and gives a mysterious message. Pioneer Fatimids meets Hassan covertly. Hassan will gain from his new tasks and says he will chip away at moving to higher situations at the castle. Sanjar holds up with his mom the entire evening considering Turn. Ilteber gets frantic at Turn and says he had a contention with Nizam over her. 

Story behind Episode 3 

While Melik Shah films the preparation at the royal residence, Elcin tends to him and starts talking. Melik Shah grasps a bolt and requests that he shoot. This is the Whole Story behind Episode 3 of Seljuk Season. Desire to discover the information and know history from our accounts. 

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