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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 Description:

Flatyos hurts Bala to move away. Osman finds that Dundar controlled the political choice and that he stealthily speaked with Nikola. Meanwhile, the Pope's administration specialists, concealed as brokers, go to the plain and begin to collect information. Osman needs to hold a social occasion with the Turkish Beys and invites them to Sogut, but Flatyos kills a piece of individuals who set out to go to the get-together. Osman gets incredibly incensed at the current situation and plans to clutch Inegol. 

Dundar really makes secret courses of action to transform into the top of the group, and even searches for help from the Pope's incognito specialists. Nikola attacks Osman with new officials from Constantinople anyway loses the battle. To convey requital, Nikola begins to shape another crusader furnished power and gets Savci's kid. Goktug, who was expelled by Osman's decision, goes to talk with Nikola with Targun. Nikola feels that Goktug needs to deliver revenge on Osman and designs an association with him. Osman saves Bayhoca. 

After Goktug, Nikola makes an association with Dundar and says he will devastate Osman. Targun attacks the plain and gets Osman's files. Meanwhile, Malhun and her contenders come to help Osman, and because of the current situation, Nikola needs to change his plans. On account of Malhun, Targun dies, yet Bala is off-kilter with her. Osman endeavors to find the Pope's incognito specialists and gives Malhun a land where her group can remain. 

Osman attacks Nikola, yet Bayhoca is hurt in this attack. Savci needs to help his kid. Geyhatu's new commandant, Togay, goes to the limit district and this movements the entire by and large impact. During his short period of time in the plain, Malhun comprehends that there is a traitor and endeavors to alert Osman about this. Bayhoca fails miserably a short period of time later in view of the injury he got in the contention. Osman swears that he will justify his nephew. Pope's administration specialists meet with Togay and say that they will help him with killing Osman. 

With the information he acquired from the incognito agents, Togay attacks Osman's social occasion and damages Umur. Malhun attacks Togay to fight back for her father, but crashes and burns. Nikola comes from Constantinople and quickly attacks Sogut. Osman endeavors to find the deceiver in the plain with Savci. Cerkutay says he will now don't work for the Mongols and starts talking with Bamsi. 

Nikola offers Umur a financial consent to leave Osman alone. Umur recognizes this to both acquire money and attack Inegol. While Osman tells Umur that he should not trade with the Byzantines, Togay attacks and Abdurrahman passes on. Osman gets very incensed at the current situation and says he will convey reprisal, things being what they are. After a really long time, Osman finds that his uncle Dundar is a traitor and endeavors to get him. Dundar searches for Nikola's help to save his life. Osman in a little while gets the Pope's administration agents and usages them to get Dundar out of the castle. 

Osman kills the incognito agents first. In the initial segment of the day of the next day, Osman says that Dundar will be executed. Dundar needs Osman to execute him and passes on before everyone. Togay challenges the lead delegate's requests to kill Osman and transforms into a nonconformist. The Emperor's youngster calls Nikola and tells him that now he has one last chance. Nikola makes an attack game plan with a commandant from Macedonia. Osman marries Malhun to fulfill his father's longing and to have a possible replacement. 

Malhun in a little while delivers a kid. Osman and Nikola start to fight unequivocally. Right when the Sultan returns to Konya, Nikola thinks he has won the contention, at this point Osman demolishes basically the entire Byzantine outfitted power with a viable methodology. Osman returns to his plain to praise the victory and tells everyone that the opportunity has arrived to set up the state they have been holding on for a surprisingly long time. 

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Kurulus Osman Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles

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