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Teskilat Episode 10 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 10 with Urdu and English Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 10 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Description of Episode 10:

Te┼čkilat (The Agency) will screen the fights, pay, and obligations of the seven patriots who from an authentic perspective slipped underground, seeing an irritating endeavor for their country that should give up their own lives and be undefined in swarms. 

Teskilat depicts the record of a noteworthy unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The experts of this mysterious association have formed persuading interesting exercises with respect to the nation and abroad. They are not known to anyone, their person is a secret and there is confidential with regards to their pasts and diaries. 

Scene 9 Review: 

After the November trade, the plane failed in midair and started to lose rise. There is an incomprehensible free for on the plane and a constrained appearance up in Greece. This makes the emergency make since November has a constraint on a segment to Greece. Then again, different individuals from the social occasion are found after Ceren. 

Serdar and Zahra have tense minutes at ID control, which they entered with Kassim. They choose to remain at the inn at the air terminal until the plane is fixed. Fadi is disillusioned to track down that the plane passing on his niece Kassim didn't crash. He looks for the assistance of his pal Stefanos in Greece to keep Kassim away from being taken to Turkey. 

The social occasion gets the individual who took the photographs and grills them at central command. They are persuaded that Ceren isn't interpreted by the arrangement game. In the interim, the Chief shows Ceren concerning his new mission and asks that Serdar is liable for being loosened up. 

Understanding that Fadi was after them after the mix-up of the plane was stated to be accomplished by harm, Serdar and Zahra assumed that they should leave the country quickly. Right when Stefanos shows up at the inn with his men, a maddening flight plan is set up to move away from Greece. 

Scene 10 Trailer: 

Ceren acts to get essential information about Koral's foundation with the direction she got from the Chief. The gathering appears in Syria with the payload plane passing on Koral structures and starts checking out Fadi's clerk with the course of action they have set up at the air terminal. From the conversations they check out, they find that Fadi is coming to Syria. Identifying a deficiency of the accountant, the gathering sets up a finesse game to clear out Fadi.

Teskilat Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 10 English Subtitles

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