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Teskilat Episode 11 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles 

Description of Episode 11:

In the Teşkilat framework, which will be as a troop chain. A story will be depicted as a basic unit working under the relationship of the National Intelligence Service. The favored people of this Teşkilat cryptic followed through with enormous exceptional jobs in the nation and abroad. No one knows her, and regardless, when they were martyred, nobody knows why they were martyred. Adventitiously, home is plentiful with regards to these confounding legends. 

Survey Episode 10: 

Serdar and Zahra have tense minutes at undeniable proof control, which they entered with Kassim. They decide to stay at the hotel at the air terminal until the plane is fixed. Fadi is perplexed to find that the plane passing on his niece Kassim didn't crash. He searches for the help of his buddy Stefanos in Greece to get Kassim far from being taken to Turkey. 

The get-together gets the person who took the photos and takes a gander at them at headquarters. They are convinced that Ceren isn't unwound by the course of the activity game. In the mean time, the Chief advises Ceren concerning his new mission and asks that Serdar is at risk for being translated. 

Understanding that Fadi was after them after the failure of the plane was avowed to be cultivated by insidiousness, Serdar and Zahra accepted that they should leave the country straight away. Right when Stefanos appears at the hotel with his men, a severely organized flight plan is set up to get away from Greece. 

Ceren acts to get earnest data about Koral's establishment with the course she got from the Chief. The get-together appears in Syria with the heap plane passing on Koral structures and starts checking out Fadi's clerk with the strategy they have set up at the air terminal. From the discussions they see, they find that Fadi is coming to Syria. Seeing the inadequacy of the clerk, the get-together sets up a slyness game to butcher Fadi. 

Fadi's inspiration in Syria winds up being to cripple KORAL structures. The appreciation of one more attack on the Turkish base will oblige the get-together to make an irritating choice. 

Trailer Episode 11: 

Fadi needs Kassim to get out, the most real risk to the political race he is intending to enter. Perceiving that Fadi has lost his trust and wanting to support himself, Leyal acts uninformed about him and trains Ceren to find Kassim. Leyal needs to perplex Fadi by showing up at Kasim, while the social event prepares shock for Fadi when they find he is in Paris. Will the capital of thought be the beginning of the end for Fadi?

Teskilat Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 11 English Subtitles

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