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Teskilat Episode 3 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 3 with Urdu and English Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 3 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Description of Episode 3:

The principal scene finished at a tension second when Serdar understood that the young lady who got the bundle was Jeren. The subsequent scene begins with the cross examination scene when Serdar is being interrogated regarding his relationship with Jeren. However, it comes out that he is adequately keen to mislead the untruth finder. Mr. Mete showed him so. On the opposite side, the plane accident news spread like fire, and knowledge officials' families were called into the workplace. Mr. Mete broke the information on the demise of their darling ones in the accident. Uzay's significant other posed a great deal of inquiries about the episode, yet she was powerfully quietened. The group additionally shared their perspectives on their family's response to hearing information on their demises. 
Fadi and Leyal arrived at Berlin, where they'll meet the Turk lead representative. 

Mr. Mete assumes liability for Serdar and liberates him. Serdar figures out how to go to Jeren's condo. Jeren leaves by saying that she needs to give blood some place. He follows Jeren and discovers that she met an individual in a gem dealer and gives her cash. Administrator meets his mysterious group and gets refreshes about procedures. The group goes to Jeren's home and fixes cameras to watch out for her. 

Mr.Mete acquaints Serdar with the mysterious group, however he was not welcomed.warmly.because of the doubts raised by Zehra. She saw pictures of Serdar and Jeren and compromised the executive that Serdar could demonstrate unsafe for the mission. Distribute shields Serdar by saying that he has known Serdar since he was 10. Everybody consents to work with Serdar on the director's structure. 

Uzay was more than once griping that he was an investigator, not an online protection ace. He required somebody expert for help. Zehra let a programmer out of jail and took him to their mysterious spot. 
Fadi meets the supervisor of a global magazine. He pays her to assemble data and distribute material that advances prejudice in Germany against the Turks to irritate the majority. 

The mysterious group discovers that the man whom Jeren met was liable for taking Pascal securely to Berlin. Presently, they follow him and put out a snare. Everything was working out as expected, however a young lady began sobbing that she was experiencing issues relaxing. Pinar yells to stop the vehicle. At the specific second, Pascal saw his headphone and began shooting. After a fruitful pursue, Serdar and Khulki halted the truck land captured Pascal. 

Serdar noticed Jeren through the camera when he saw that Jeren has taken a hard drive and is going to venture out from home. He cautions the ones who were following Jeren. Be that as it may, they didn't see Jeren emerging from her home. Eventually, Serdar and Zehra choose to follow Jeren to take the hard plate from her. Serdar hits the vehicle purposely into Jeren's vehicle, and the scene closes! 
Discover in the accompanying scene what befalls Serdar. Will Zehra be gotten on the camera? Will their mysterious mission proceed or not?

Teskilat Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 3 English Subtitles

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