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Teskilat Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 4 with Urdu and English Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 4 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Description of Episode 4:

So you watched the last scene and came to realize a large number of that mishap, Jeren was alive. She was moved to the emergency clinic right away. She was continually stressed over the hard drive. 

Pascal believed that he got away from the prison of Turk insight, yet he didn't realize it was a snare. Murad was abducted once more. Child of Mr Mete, named Gyurjan, additionally joined the mysterious group. Around then, they were managing two tasks. 

Jeren called Serdar and informed him about the mishap. Serdar arrived at the clinic and took care of her. She was to be inspected for her shoulder, so she needs to remain there for the evening. Uzay requested that Gyurjan get ready as they needed to get ready records to change the dozier of the hard drive in the first part of the day. The following day, Serdar took Jeren to the MRI room, and Zehra went into Jeren's room. She tracked down the hard drive, and Gyurjan changed the dozier. Mr Mete gave over easily overlooked details to his mysterious group as recollections of the saints of the SIHA project.

He persuaded them with his incredible words. Their next arrangement was to follow Pascal, a door to the driving force of this issue. His group traveled to Berlin and booked the loft inverse Pascal's room. They set cameras to watch out for Pascal. They discovered that Pascal called Fadi and he was welcome to the display. In that display, Fadi called every one of his partners and needed to praise his accomplishments up until now. 

Then again, Uzay's significant other Ebru didn't depend on the Chairman's clarification. She met every one of the families and got some information about their cherished one's practices the prior night flight. She discovered that in some way or another they all realized that they could never return. Besides, Zehra told her little girl not to accept the gossipy tidbits about her demise. Nonetheless, it was intended to be confidential among Zehra and her girl. Yet, her little girl uncovered this mystery to Ebru, which brought doubts up in Ebru's brain. 

In Berlin, everything was set, and Serdar and Zehra went out to shop for some staple. There, she battled with a couple of miscreants who bugged a hijabi. In line with Khulki, Pynar called Khulki's mom to think about Khulki's dad. 

The following day, Serdar and Zehra entered the show while Pynar went there as a server. Uncle Hukky meandered around the structure to check if Pascal entered there. Khulki looked out for the top of the following structure in the event of crisis. Serdar figured out how to go into the room where Fadi was offering his arrangements to his mates. Afterward, Jeren got a voice note from Serdar where she speculated that Serdar was likewise in the presentation. She frightened Leyal, and Serdar was uncovered. After a weighty battle spin-off, they all figured out how to get away from the structure and compromised Fadi by killing Pascal. Fadi orders his man to discover Serdar at any expense. 
What will occur straightaway? How might they manage Fadi now? We should sit tight for the following scene up to that point, bye.

Teskilat Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 4 English Subtitles

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