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Teskilat Episode 6 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 6 with Urdu and English Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 6 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Description of Episode 6:

In the past scene 5, the mysterious mission group was encircled by the German Police. however, they should have been saved in light of the fact that to the world, they were dead. Khulki was not in the vehicles, he took shots at squad cars, and Zehra drove the vehicle to the protected spot. Yet, Khulki realized that they had kept Serdar in police minibus. Besides, they stacked explosives in the transport. The majority were insane when they saw the banners and articles in the magazine.

The Turks assembled around the structure of the magazine's distributing organization to strike and speak loudly for their privileges. The minibus was assumed to that position, and Renor needed to detonate that transport in the midst of the group. After a great deal of battle, they figured out how to save Serdar. Yet, presently, Khulki was missing. To save his kinsmen, he drives the transport away. Presently, nobody knew where he passed over with the transport or not in the impact. This touch of the plot was the saddest piece of the scene. All things considered, later, it is uncovered that Fadi caught Khulki. 

In the early piece of the scene, Khulkji made a video clasp of Fadi's men placing explosives in the police minibus. This clasp was sufficient to adjust FADI's central goal. Renor erroneously sends the video to the insight gathering of Turkey. Presently, Fadi needed the insight gathering to erase that video and take their man. However, It was without a doubt that he wouldn't deliver Khulki. The knowledge needed to think about some choice to save Khulki.They come to realize that Leyal came to Ankara. They followed her and put out a snare to abduct her.

Teskilat Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 6 English Subtitles

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