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Kurulus Osman Season 2 All Episodes with Urdu and English Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 2 All Episodes
Kurulus Osman Season 2 All Episodes

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In kurulus Osman season 1, yanks say that Sofia is your young woman. How does Edebalı comprehend this confusing that you keep from everybody? No more preferred pieces of information, Kalanoz. Before long there is basically obliteration. Before long spotlight on me. My Sheik. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Ya Shafi. Father. Medet Allah. You will endure, Bala, less last. Less more. Less last! Medet Allah. Either bismillah. God animates him, my Lord! Ya Shafi. Medet Allah. Medet Allah. Samsa Sergeant, pay special mind to Sofia. Osman, you will discover the difficulty! You will pay the offense of the encroachment you have submitted! Is there annihilation? You're up, kid. I Selamınaleyk. I Aleykümselam. Sofia ... today is your record day. Osman cheated every one of you. He did it to move away from the court, mix. You will additionally pay for the offense he has submitted, and you come! Leave me! How is Ahvali Ayşe auntie? It's beginning and end with the exception of acceptable, Osman. I trust it will be satisfactory, Ayşe auntie. It will be commendable. God willing. [Door opens.] Princess Sofia? Alişar Bey. What's happening? Osman got me and executed my warriors. What's the significance here Bamsı? Free Princess Sofia now! Osman, where right? Do you call me Alişar Bey? Osman, the posterity of Ertuğrul Gazi, doesn't move away from esteem! Did you not show this for such a long time, Alişar Bey? Either acknowledge responsibility for Osman or take the dispute, Alişar Bey! Troopers, get Osman Bey! They draw the front lines.) Now, do you go against the state? Why not trust my declaration, Alişar Bey? I kept my statement. 

Not me, you will denounce Sofia. Osman! Worth will discover its place here in my dad's office today. Eventually you can zero in on reality from me, Alişar Bey. [Door opens.] I kept my declaration. The medication is here, Osman Bey. It is the recuperating of Bala. Thank god. Help me, young lady. What might be said about we drink the fixing. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. O Lord, the fixing is from you. Leniency is from you. Medet from you. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. (They gather Ya Shafi all.) This pusat is the puset of my blessed individual, Aybars. Starting as of late, the honor of this pusat was mine. I trust in you and leave the honor of this delivery in your grasp, Alişar Bey. Is it authentic what Osman Bey said, Kalanoz? So you squashed the business place. We are not. Yannis, who was likewise the adversary of our material, made it. Would you miss your have disapproved, Kalanoz? Expert Yannis is a regarded man. How might you say that? This is before long our nearby undertaking. We will deal with this ourselves. This isn't right! Every one of you three was on the occasion. We pull out the entirety of the charges against Osman Bey. I took Bala Hatun's fixing and had Yannis tossed into the prison.  You lie, you lie! My youth's killers are every one of you! Yannis butchered your child Aybars. I'm upset about that. I welcome you all to death tomorrow. You will see Yannis' end with your own eyes! Princess Sofia is guiltless. On the off chance that you needn't waste time with war ... I need you to pass on him right away. I will not allow this to occur! Osman, enough! Aybars' blameworthy gathering was discovered both in market pressure. Bala Hatun will endure by goodness of Kalanoz. 

Osman, what more do you require? Worth! I won't stop until esteem is found! I will proceed with the understanding and financial agreement with Tekfur Yorgopolos. This issue is by and by shut here, Alişar Bey. Else, we will lose various strong individuals in this land! Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi. Father. My girl. Bud. Offer significant thanks to God, my Lord. Thank god. Offer thanks toward God! Thank god. Thank god. Thank god. You're allowed to go, Kalanoz. I needn't mess with any hatred any more. Something else, the cost will be profound! Commandant! Take Princess Sofia and leader Kalanoz to the palace! On the off chance that anything happens to you, I'll get your head off! My pleasure, sir. No! Shake my young person's executioner with his hand and shake it, I will not convey him from the camp! Osman! Osman, enough! You face our Obese with Seljuk. Enough! My eyes will be on you, Kalanoz! Bamsı, we will go to see the execution of Yannis tomorrow.  [Door opens.] [The entrance closes.] God, for what reason did you let me be? I battle for your space, my life. Pardon me, I was unable to leave Sofia in their grasp. I demand that my god pardon my offenses, purposely or unexpectedly, my bad behaviors! Incomprehensible god, help us! Sympathy and assurance. Rapidly, he experiences torment. With the endorsement of Allah, everything is no more. What do you have in your heart? we take a gander at the ground is strong. How should we move away from this ensuing we fall into? Sunday was passed on. The amount of our men has moved to the unprecedented past. These trips did Tursun state of the art his game plan. Plainly, the floor under us shows a leave plan which sews the chest over us. Long live Tursun. 

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